Automated Crypto Currency Trading

Revolutionary trading bot that does hundreds of profitable trades for you on crypto exchanges automatically.
Makes money while you sleep with no subscription fee!

Last month performance

  • ASTROBOT Basic


    BTC: 22.19%

    ETH: -%

  • ASTROBOT Advanced


    BTC: 36.28%

    ETH: -%

  • ASTROBOT Master


    BTC: 44.11%

    ETH: -%


Automated 24/7 trading

Crypto trading happens 24/7. With ASTROBOT you are always ready to buy at a sudden dip in price or sell your position if the market changes rapidly.

Stable income

Stable income

ASTROBOT goes through all possible markets to find the most profitable deals that will make you a stable income on a monthly basis.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI)

ASTROBOT can make price predictions by using machine learning. Its AI strategy on the live market makes profits from the market patterns in past.



We do not accept and/or store your funds on our accounts. We do not have access to your funds and withdrawals either.

All is easy

All is easy

You do not need to set up any sort of parameters and constantly control what is going on. Just click the button and there you go, profits all the way.



ASTROBOT strategy is carefully tested and optimized on historical trade data of different market conditions and timeframes extensively.

No monthly fees

No monthly fees

We make money from selling our bots only. There is no monthly, daily, or subscription fee whatsoever.



There is 100% money back guarantee in case your funds are reduced for 1 month period from the first trading by a trading bot we offer.

profit growth

User income is generated by both short-term and long-term trades throughout the years using well known algorithms.

Market conditions are changing very fast, algorithms that worked yesterday are not necessarily working the same way today. Keeping this in mind we are always working to change and improve trading strategies manually and using machine learning.

According to statistics, we can clearly see that the system does mostly profitable trades, such profits can be around 30%-100% per year (not guaranteed) in a crypto market. Despite banks and funds, we do not hold onto your funds.


Increase your income and save your time and effort.

The ASTROBOT gives you an opportunity to make money regardless of the rise or decline of the market.

This will allow you to have significant passive income.


See how easy to use the ASTROBOT on an exchange.

Whether beginner or advanced, all users can use ASTROBOT without having any prior knowledge or experience with professional trading.

It tunes users for automated trade based on the automatic analysis of efficiency and machine learning.

Our professional team

  • Cullen Burdell

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Julian Hawkes

    Co-Founder and Chief Developer

  • Julie Weinberg

    Co-Founder and CFO

  • Michael Nash

    Full-stack Developer

  • Josh Horton

    Full-stack Developer

  • And other highly

    experienced and

    talented members.

Answers to frequently asked questions


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Financial questions

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Possible problems and risks

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